Welcome to The Rotary Club of Fountain Hills

The Rotary Club members share a commitment to make Fountain Hills, as well as Arizona and the World, better places for us all to live and thrive.  Rotarians enjoy working on projects that enhance our way of life.  We are a local organization that shares our open doors to Rotarians all across the world; and our fellow Rotarians will show us the same warm welcome.

Enjoy this site and all there is to know about Rotary.  If you would like to learn more about the Club and possible membership, please contact us.

Club Meetings

Our club meetings are open to Rotarians and guests as well as anyone interested in learning more about Rotary and our Club.

DATES:   Every Tuesday (excluding holiday weeks)

TIME:      11:30 am for lunch; High Noon - 1:00 pm for meeting

PLACE:    Fountain View Village, second floor dining room,                                                16455 E Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ  Click for Map

MENU:    A fresh salad bar, entree with a side dish and a tasty desert. 

COST:     $12.00



Each week we have interesting speakers whose subjects range from travel to businesses of interests, we hear from local students and teachers as well as city, county and state elected officials. 


10/10/2017   John Burnett History of US Presidents
10/17/2017   Pam Chambers Benefits of Life Coaching
10/24/2017   Marcia Falco President & Founder                 Board Game Company
10/31/2017   Ted Blank NASA and the Apollo Program Astronomy Club Pres
11/7/2017   Sgt J. Bentzel MCSO Officer
11/14/2017   Jack Reynolds Orphanage in Haiti
11/28/2017   Shirley  Book Author - Child Nutrition


Please know this list is subject to change so if you want to hear someone in particular please contact us to confirm.

Message from our Club President

Tony Pistilli was our Club President for the Rotary year of 2014-15.  He is back by popular demand to do it all again!

"Our members join Rotary for a wide variety of reasons.  Perhaps it’s to drive customers to their business, or to ‘give back’ to the community or possibly to create new friendships.   Once involved in our organization, our members stay for the relationships and camaraderie enjoyed at our meetings, events and most of all, the service projects. 

From the local Fountain Hills Splash Park to the world-wide eradication of Polio, our members play a vital role.  Our membership ranges in age from young 40 somethings to young-at-heart 90 somethings!  Members provide a wide variety of talents which we categorize as ‘Brain Power, Muscle Power and Money Power”.

With so many demands placed on our society today, Rotary is a Service Above Self organization that is committed to helping others and to keep us grounded in what is important.  Our Rotary Club of Fountain Hills has taken on the challenges of":  Click here to read more

What was Rotary Like in 1905?

Rotary was ahead of it's time.  Back in 1905 a small group of businessmen gathered and formed a networking group.  This group was all about building their businesses.  They would rotate the meeting location from one business establishment to another ... hence the club became known as the Rotary Club.  Click here to read more ...


What is Rotary like in 2017?

Rotary Club members still support the businesses of other Rotarians, but that is a small part of the total organizational focus today.  Rotarians are proud of our international slogan "Service Above Self".  World-wide Rotarians come together to help ... click here to read more 

Rotary International’s Areas of Focus

Rotary members believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues.  Our 2.1 million members who belong to 35,000+ clubs work together to do good worldwide.  We direct our efforts in six areas to enhance our local and global impact. Our most successful and sustainable projects and activities tend to fall within the following areas:


  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Supporting education
  • Growing local economies

Noon Fountain Hills Club’s Focus

  • Club members teach Junior Achievement Classes at Fountain Hills Schools as well as to the Home School Children
  • Club members clean the streets to help keep Fountain Hills beautiful
  • Club members volunteer to work with children and horses at the Reigning Grace facility in the Rio Verde Foothills
  • Club members organized the Hermosillo, Mexico, Micro-Credt program which funds start-up businesses thereby allow families to create a better life
  • Club members have been organizers and coordinators for the three-day Rotary Youth Leadership Academy held annually for local teens to learn life and leadership skills

Click here to read more ...

How to become a member of Rotary Club of Fountain Hills (Noon club)

Have you read about our Rotary Club to the point where you are ready to join our ranks?  Are you ready to help Fountain Hills continue progressing as a fine community to raise children and retire?  Are you ready to make long-term friendships and have lots of fun with your new buddies?

GREAT!  Let's get you started!

Here's what's next:

  • Attend three meetings, socials or club projects so you can affirm you have found the right organization for you.
  • Submit an application form which is board reviewed and then approved by the membership.
  • Attend your induction meeting for all members to welcome you.  This includes a brief self-introduction so members get to know you and your interests.
  • Attend an overview with the Membership Chairperson.
  • Attend two board meetings (asap) to understand the Club's planning and decision making process.
  • Get involved with a committee that compliments your skills and interests.

That's it! 

As with most everything today, there are some associated costs.  Here is what you can expect:

  • $25.00 application fee collected with the application form.  This is one-time only.
  • $10.00 per month as local club dues, payable quarterly, in advance.
  • District and International dues are payable semi-annually, in advance.  The 2017-18 dues are $---.--.  Our fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.
  • We have club fund raisers during which we ask members to sell products. Currently these fund raisers are Holiday Wreaths (Oct & Nov) or Wine Raffle Tickets (Feb & March).  For our members who don't get very excited about having to sell items, they will purchase the items personally or make a donation to the event.  Members who choose the donation option, generally chip in $75 - $200.
  • You will need to purchase a personalized club shirt to be worn during a variety of events.  The cost is $35.00.  There is also a 'Rotarian At Work' shirt which many choose to purchase for $25.00.
  • Weekly lunches are an option.  If you choose to enjoy the delicious meals, the cost is $12.00 per week and billable quarterly, in advance.
  • We have a weekly raffle drawing that each member contributes $2.00.  Depending upon attendance the prize is between $20 and $35 per week.
  • We have "Happy Dollars" which are voluntary.  This donation, during the early part of the meeting, gives you access to the microphone so you can share what's going on in your life.  We love the Member stories and find "Happy Dollars" a wonderful way to get to know one another.

Let's talk 'total' :

  • Annual Club Dues:                          $ 120.00
  • Annual District & RI dues:            $ ????
  • Fund Raisers:                                   $ 150.00 - $400.00
  • Personalized Shirt:                          $    35.00
  • Lunch:                                                $ 480.00 (optional)
  • Raffle                                                  $   80.00
  • Total                                                   $ ????

Would you like to talk with our Membership Chairperson?  He can answers any questions you may have!

Send Wayne an e-mail!




What it’s like to be a member of the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills

Our club made a trip to Chapala, Mexico, to get to know our sister club!  Thank you John Gonzolas and your fellow members for the generous gifts of your time and friendship!


Sure, we enjoy dining together.  Our lunch meetings provide an opportunity to get to know one another better.  We have time to share our interests and casually plan future projects and events.


Our winter fund-raiser is in full swing!  We are selling wreaths, mini-trees and center pieces for Christmas gift giving.  You can learn more by clicking here.

Links to Rotary International information

As a world-wide organization, there are many moving parts within Rotary.  Here are a few links to the Rotary International site and a some subjects which you may find helpful.  Once again, if you have any questions, CONTACT US!



Our Club has the pleasure of raising funds and helping within organizations that benefit local residents.  You will find our members and money at work within:

  • Extended Hands Food Bank
  • Reigning Grace Ranch
  • Boys and Girls Club - McKee Branch
  • Junior Achievement
  • Bobs' Free Bikes
  • Fountain Hills High School Scholarships
  • Fountain Hills High School Band Equipment
  • Fountain Hills Mentoring Program
  • Home School Interact Club
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA)
  • Rotaract Club of Grand Canyon University
  • International Exchange Students
  • Over the years there have been too many to name.


Christmas Wreath Sale Begins September 12!

HO! HO! HO! Christmas is only six months away so it's time to pull out your wreath list and check it twice!  In early September we will be ready to take orders.

The wreaths are perfect for family, neighbors, friends, business associates and your service providers like the cleaning lady!

2018 Wine Raffle Planning Beings Soon!

The wine raffle has been a wonderful Club success for the past two years.  The proceeds have helped support a number of worthy local and international projects. 

We look forward to the 2018 Raffle being even bigger and better.  Watch for upcoming details on line and in the Fountain Hills Times.

The world needs more Rotarians!

Contact us today for more information.